Articles by Cole P. Zail

Cole P. Zail is a contributor to AMAC's website.


congress 106

House Passes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act | What’s Next for the GOP Tax Plan?

clinton obama scandal 50

We Need to Talk About the Clinton-Obama Uranium Scandal

money-wallet income money tax cuts Trump basic universal 22

Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Will Boost Household Income $4k-$9k Yearly

planned parenthood 84

You May Not Support Planned Parenthood…But Your Favorite Companies Do.

Israel US Jerusalem 3

US Withdraws from UN’s UNESCO Organization, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Russia Putin flag Russian weapon satellite 16

American Tech Giant Shares Source Code with Russia

protest violent Antifa anarchy terrorism 323

Antifa Plots Mass Uprising, Showing its True Communist Intent

identity theft secure breach equifax 1

Equifax Data Breach: 143 Million Americans Potentially at Risk of Identity Theft

George Soros 73

Petition to Declare Soros a Terrorist Reaches Threshold for White House Response

casualties-war-cops-intense-violence mental illness 57

Supporting Law Enforcement: The Time is Now