Articles by Cole P. Zail

Cole P. Zail is a contributor to AMAC's website.


FBI flag Mueller conflict interest Russia Strzok media Comey 50

Growing Indication of Bias in the FBI: the Strzok-Page Text Scandal Continues

schumer-senate-shutdown democrat obstruction 4

Senate Passes Measure to End Shutdown

bundy-government-standoff 64

In Huge Blow to Federal Government, Charges Dropped in Bundy Ranch Case

illegal immigrant sanctuary deported murder 118

GOP Bill Would Imprison Sanctuary City Officials Who Protect Illegals

congress-sanctuary-city-funding byrd rule tax 13

House to Vote Again on Tax Bill After Byrd Rule Violations Found

phone fraud security Obamaphone 33

AMAC Chief Calls for Tougher Enforcement of Medicare Fraud in the Wake of Largest SSDI Fraud Case

Israel US Jerusalem 25

US to Recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Trump obstruction Comey FBI speech congress criminal justice reform 1

Another Trump Win: Senate Confirms Katsas to DC Federal Appeals Court

Trump pro-life White House wall 18

Bringing Morality Back to the White House: How Trump is Bolstering the Pro-Life Movement

trump accomplishments media bias policy health insurance affordable 125

Looking Past the Media Bias: An Honest Take on Trump’s Accomplishments