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AMAC Opposes Passage of the Irresponsible HR 6800 Pelosi Omnibus Monstrous Spending Spree and Big Government Control Legislation

On behalf of  the over 2.1 million members of the Association of Mature American Citizens (“AMAC”), we strongly urge that the House of Representatives not pass H.R. 6800, entitled the ‘‘Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act’’ or the ‘‘HEROES Act.’’ 

This almost 1,800-page legislation unveiled by the House Democratic leadership on May 12 reportedly intends spend another $3 trillion for an extraordinary long wish list of which many provisions simply do not address the real issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The enormity of this legislation, coupled with the House majority leadership intention to ram it through its chamber without genuine consideration and discussion is simply irresponsible and makes a sham of the deliberative process and considered debate intended by the Constitution for the Congress.  Neither this bill nor anything like it should ever become law.  

It is certainly proper for the Congress to respond promptly in time of national crisis, such as this pandemic.  It is wrong, however, for the Congress to exploit the crisis and attendant fear to set the stage for increasing federal power and control over  Americans and for irresponsible spending that will ultimately require increased taxation of the American people and impede economic and job growth.   

Here are but a few illustrative components of the many untoward character, content, and provisions in this bill. For example, it: 

  • Spends with abandon in an effort to increase the American people’s dependence on the federal aid, rather than reignite the economy and enable them to return to their jobs; 
  • Ignores or tries to circumvent the Constitution right of the States to run elections  by attempting to federalize and take control of how states must run elections, including early voting, no ID requirement for in-person voting, same-day registration, and enables post-election mail-in ballots without restrictions on post-election partisan ballot harvesting to change election outcomes; 
  • Provides direct stimulus payments to illegal aliens by simply not requiring social security number verification by an applicant; 
  • Plays for political gain by rewarding states for their years of fiscal mismanagement, and impose that debt burden on the all US taxpayers; 
  • Bails out failing multi-employer pension plans without including any real reforms; 
  • Radically expands the CARES Act paid leave employer mandates by extending the mandates for an extra year, applying them to all employers, including small businesses, allowing more categories of leave to be compensated, and subjecting small businesses to lawsuits for alleged violations; and   
  • Shamelessly throws billions at totally unrelated “wish list” projects like funding new annual studies on diversity and inclusion within the cannabis industry. 

The Members of the House should reject this bill and refocus on doing what is really needed.    

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