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AMAC Takes Mature American’s Message to Capitol Hill

by Andrew Mangione –

This week, AMAC leadership returned to Washington, D.C., taking the message of Mature Americans straight to Capitol Hill. Over the course of three days, AMAC President Dan Weber, and Director of Business Development, Andy Mangione, conducted a series of meetings with prominent Congressional offices in both the House and Senate on a range of priority issues critical to AMAC members and older Americans across the country.

Not only helping to build a stronger dialogue with lawmakers on the Hill, these meetings allowed AMAC leadership to keep a spotlight focused on the top concerns of Mature Americans and the impacts of legislative inaction on our Nation’s fiscal and economic health. AMAC also used each and every meeting to present key Congressional members with our ideas and solutions to the most critical challenges facing both Mature Americans and future generations.

To most effectively pursue our priorities in Washington, AMAC targeted the offices of House and Senate members serving on the most relevant committees and subcommittees that have the power, responsibility and jurisdiction over the issues that most affect older Americans and their interests. With entitlement reform playing a more important role in U.S. economic discussions, AMAC used the meetings to focus on Social Security and to communicate our plan for ensuring the security and solvency of the program for retirees and future generations. We also discussed a range of other issues important to AMAC members, including ways to continue truly reform health care, and how changes in the tax code could impact the strength of private sector investment and retirement options.

Overall, our trip was very successful, with AMAC leadership receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the meetings and even getting significant face time with Senators and Congressional Representatives. In fact, our accomplishments on this visit only reinforce our commitment to you, to maintain momentum and to keep building upon the gains we’ve made. We remain optimistic about the steps being taken to advance policies on behalf of AMAC members and we will continue to engage with Congress to advance our cause. As the issues of entitlement and health care reform continue to be a greater part of the critical discussions being held in the Nation’s Capital, AMAC members can be confident that we will continue to champion your interests and concerns with a clear, realistic and commonsense voice.

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