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AMAC Launches New Dental Insurance Product for Members

dentist dental health plan insuranceToday, the senior advocacy organization of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) announced its new partnership with First Continental Life and Accident Insurance. Together, AMAC and First Continental have created an exceptional Dental Insurance product for AMAC members.

“We’re very proud to be offering our members access to this new benefit,” said Rebecca Weber, CEO of AMAC’s Senior Resources Network. “And we’re happy to have partnered with such a great company to deliver it to them. At the end of the day, everything AMAC does is for our members, so it’s a privilege to be able to offer them this brand-new product.”

The AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan has the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price. Annual benefits are as high as $5000 per person, covering crowns, dentures and implants. All preventive and basic care procedures are covered as well, and premiums are similar and sometimes lower than the competition. With over 673,000 points of contact across the country, our network has more dental offices than any other plan. As a bonus, there is an optional Vision Benefit available that can be added to your dental plan.

If you currently own any dental insurance plan, including one you purchased from AMAC, call us to upgrade to the new AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan. If you don’t have Dental Insurance yet, there’s no better time to fix that: our plan is Guaranteed Issue. Call our trusted agents to find out what plans are available to you and lock in your coverage now. Start taking advantage of these richer benefits as soon as the first of next month.

Call 888-962-4545, or visit our website to start taking advantage of your newest member benefit!

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