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AMAC Foundation Expands Social Security Advisory Services

By – Gerry Hafer

The AMAC Foundation announced this week that four representatives have now earned certification as National Social Security Advisors, qualifying them to counsel retirees and pre-retirees on questions and issues pertaining to Social Security. The training preceding the qualification exam equips these Advisors to provide guidance on the many Social Security options available, and enables them to provide a trusted service to the public. Certification is accredited through the Ohio-based National Social Security Association (Association).

These four individuals—Eileen Cook, Russell Gloor, Gerry Hafer, and Sharon Kleczka—are available to handle questions submitted to the Foundation, either by telephone (888-750-2622), by email (info@AmacFoundation.org, or in person by appointment at the Foundation’s office (312 Teague Trail, Lady Lake, Florida).

“The certification of our Foundation representatives is critical to our mission of supporting and educating America’s seniors,” reports  President Dan Weber, “and we believe that providing credible, unbiased information to people in, or aging into, Social Security is an important part of what the Foundation does. And, since the Foundation is a tax-exempt organization relying solely on contributions from the public to operate, there is no charge for this valuable service.”

Learn more about these accredited individuals via the Social Security Report website, a related service of the AMAC Foundation. This site contains a wealth of information about the U.S. Social Security System, featuring breaking news on a variety of Social Security and retirement-related topics, as well as a library of important reports and documents regarding what’s happening in Social Security. Site visitors will find a daily Q&A panel providing useful information on commonly- asked questions, as well as a collection of helpful tools for use in planning retirement strategies, as well as an electronic version of the Foundation’s “Who’s Who in Social Security” publication.  The site is key-word searchable, making it a handy source of information for people needing to research specific aspects of Social Security.

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