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AMAC Chief Says ‘Drill, Drill, Drill’- Seniors are Hard Hit by Skyrocketing Gas Prices

BOHEMIA, NY, Mar 2 – “The steep hike in gas prices has all kinds of negative implications for the nation’s seniors.  But it seems President Obama doesn’t care who gets hurt this election year, as long as he appeases his ideological base of supporters and gets reelected,” according to Dan Weber, president and founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens [].

“It’s bad enough for those older Americans with jobs who need their cars to get to work.  It’s even worse for seniors on fixed incomes who have to pay more for their food because of higher transportation costs.”

Weber says he’s not blaming the president for causing the calamitous rise in fuel costs.  Rather, he says, he faults Mr. Obama for appearing to revel in the fact that the more people pay at the pump, the more support he might gain for his green energy agenda.

“The president says ‘Drill, Drill, Drill’ is a bumper sticker but his resort to mockery stems from the fact that he’s scared.  In particular, he’s afraid that his GOP challenger in November will expose his scheme to exploit the pain America feels due to unprecedented, excessively high gas prices in order to further his love affair with alternative sources of fuel and power.

“President Obama nixes the Keystone pipeline and imposes a moratorium on drilling and then says ‘it’s not my fault’ that gas prices are where they are.  Does this make sense?  I don’t think so.  We have more than enough oil reserves under our feet and off our shores to make us self-sufficient and able to stabilize prices at reasonably lower levels.  So, it turns out that the answer is, indeed, drill, drill, drill, especially in this day and age of cleaner extraction technologies.”

Weber points out that by simply announcing an aggressive, new initiative to significantly increase domestic production of oil and gas will be enough to begin reducing gas prices immediately.  “This is especially true since geologists are now convinced that the untapped American reserves of oil underground and offshore are far greater than imagined.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to thumb our noses at unfriendly, foreign suppliers for the next century or so rather than having to bow to them.”

Obama knows that his opponent will to hold his feet to the fire on the issues that are important to the American people, and energy policies are at the top of the list.  And so he knows that he will be unable to hide the fact that he and his surrogates have been rooting for higher gas prices all along, Weber suggests.

“Perhaps the President Obama is counting on the fact that most people, mainly his base of far left supporters, won’t believe that a president would deliberately take measures that would help boost gas prices during hard economic times just to pursue an extremist energy agenda,” he asks.

“Perhaps he thinks that we’ll all forget that his hand-picked Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu, has already admitted that: ‘Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe’.”

As recently as February 29th, Secretary Chu went before Congress and confirmed to lawmakers that the administration’s policy is not focused on reducing gas prices but on promoting alternative energy sources.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue and other topics important to older Americans.  Please contact John Grimaldi at to set up a chat.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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