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AMAC On Capitol Hill

by Connor Martin –

AMAC, the conservative alternative to AARP, is proud to report that it has completed another round of engagement with lawmakers in Washington DC. Last week, AMAC President Dan Weber, and Director of Business Development, Andy Mangione, returned to the Nation’s capital for another round of meetings with specific committees to discuss Social Security in detail. Quickly following on the heels of the successes established the week before – whereupon AMAC met with multiple Congressional offices over the course of three days – the briefings conducted on this trip focused on the current state and future of Social Security. AMAC sat down with leading House and Senate Committee staff to discuss not only the fiscal solvency of Social Security and political challenges in tackling reform but to discuss the ideas that AMAC has to responsibly reform the program and incentivize greater savings in America. 

AMAC’s discussions with key staff were very positive and very thorough, with strong indications of further discussion in the weeks and months ahead. While many of the political challenges are often difficult to resolve, AMAC’s realistic, no-nonsense ideas about entitlement preservation and reform have been met with significant interest and enthusiasm amongst top lawmakers in the Beltway. Also while in DC, AMAC took the time to meet with business community leaders and business advocacy groups to strengthen our networks, discuss mutual interests, and to explore areas of greater alignment. As your organization continues to grow, you can fully expect an up-tempo in our work in Washington, particularly after the 113th Congress officially sits down to work on the Hill and our priority issues continue to gain increased attention. Stay tuned, as we see full schedules, wider engagement, and tighter relationships in Washington in the New Year! 

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