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AMAC Benefit Provides Up to 95% Discount on Prescriptions

With AMAC partner Blink Health, you can save up to 95% on your prescriptions.

Blink Health allows you to pay one, low price for your prescription; all you need to do is search for your prescription drug name, pay for it online or through the Blink Health app, and then pick it up at your local pharmacy. Anyone can use Blink, whether you are insured or uninsured.

Blink Health provides some of the lowest prices on over 15,000 medications. AMAC employee Brian G. recently used Blink to purchase a prescription for his daughter. If Brian had not used Blink, he would have paid upwards of $130. Through Blink, however, the drug price came out to a low $40.40.

Blink Health is accepted at all major chains and most independent pharmacies nationwide, so you can still pick up your prescription at your preferred pharmacy as you normally would.

AMAC members get a $10 off coupon for their first fill with Blink.

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