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Why is the Administration Afraid of the Word ‘Genocide,’ asks AMAC

capitol-flagThousands of innocent Christians throughout the world are being systematically eradicated.

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 11 – It’s hard to get the image out of your mind: 30 Christian men in orange jump suits lined up on a beach in the Middle East, their captors set to behead them.

“It is genocide, pure and simple.  Yet the administration still refuses to use the ‘G’ word.  Why?  Is it because it is politically incorrect and offensive to those committing these crimes against humanity?  Just days ago, Secretary of State John Kerry could not bring himself to say the word in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  When pressed, all he would say is: ‘It does require a lot of fact-gathering.  I mean you have to get the facts from the ground, more than just anecdotal.’  The video was hardly anecdotal evidence of the deliberate, systematic extermination of Christians by ISIS Jihadists,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The so-called frog march of Christians on that bloody beach was not an isolated incident.  Convents and churches have been burned to the ground throughout the region over the past few years.  Whole communities of Christians have been dislocated; if they don’t leave they are murdered.  A few of the lucky ones are forced to give up their property and their religion and then are shunned.

The Associated Press reported last week that Jihadists in Yemen targeted a mission founded by Mother Teresa, killing 16 people including four Catholic nuns.  The rounded up their victims, handcuffed them and then shot them in the head.

“The incident was not widely reported.  Neither was the passage by the House Foreign Affairs Committee of a genocide resolution.  Meanwhile, the White House is coming under extreme pressure to declare these atrocities as acts of genocide, something it seems unwilling to do.  Perhaps because it might force the U.N. to take the matter up and, ultimately, round up the perpetrators and put them on trial by an International Tribunal for war crimes,” Weber said.

“While all of these incidents are obviously part of a bigger, more ominous, story, they have gone virtually unnoticed because of a lack of focus whether it be deliberate or not.  The important thing is that the voices of protest are growing louder and, perhaps, the world will begin to pay attention.  Thousands of innocent people throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia are being systematically eradicated and while their attackers bear direct blame for the slaughter, it is the ‘globalization of indifference,’ as Pope Francis put it, that is allowing these atrocities to continue.”


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