Only Activists Can Save America

The tax day tea parties have offered conservatives a glimmer of hope that the silent majority in American will soon be silent no more. These demonstrations were truly a grassroots upheaval of resentment aimed at a government determined to tax working class people into poverty so that most of their hard earned income goes to those who  trade their votes for entitlements they have not earned.

But one successful demonstration will not stop the trend toward socialism in this country.

We must understand that political activism must be repeated again and again, always focusing on exposing new aspects of the tax tyranny that Congress and the president have created to control American society.

Several days after attending a tea party organized in the Villages by the Association of Mature American Citizens, I called the party’s organizer, Dan Weber. We talked about the need to maintain momentum for conservative causes, and Dan was confident the tea parties would not be the end of conservative activism. He said that organizers of the tea parties have formed an association to decide on follow up protests, and to establish a framework for efficiently coordinating these demonstrations for maximum impact.

Both Dan and I were outraged at the insulting coverage given by the liberal mainstream media to the tea parties. Their reports were grossly slanted to portray the 500,000 Americans who joined these protests as right-wing extremists, and racists deserving of scrutiny by Homeland Security.

In light of this, I suggested to Dan that a perfect follow up to the tea parties might be to organize protests all across America at the headquarters of mainstream media that have aligned themselves with the socialist movement, and that discredit conservative thought and discussion.

Likely candidates for such demonstrations are virtually everywhere. There are national TV and radio network affiliates in scores of cities easily accessible for most of the tea party organizers. Other potential targets might be many of the nation’s 2000 newspapers that are decidedly liberal in editorial content. Any of these papers that ignored or misrepresented the tea parties might well deserve strong protests from conservative groups.

Demonstrations would not have to be large, perhaps only 50 to 100 very vocal, sign waving, protesters at each headquarters. Protest organizers should not expect much coverage from the media they’re demonstrating against, but there’s little doubt that major conservative media organizations such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times as well as leading talk-radio hosts would all pitch in to give news of these events wide dissemination.

There may be some who think the news media should be left out of this, and not attacked because they’re not the ones who initiate legislation and pass laws. But, if it wasn’t for the power of the liberal media to disguise socialist doctrine as moral imperatives, then the public might be given honest commentary from which it could make valid choices.

There are others who would object to demonstrations against the media because they construe such protests as attempts to subvert freedom of speech. But one person’s or organization’s right to speak should not be allowed to preclude another’s right to be heard.  Demonstrations that urge all men and all media to speak accurately and honestly can help level the political playing field and allow the public to clearly hear both sides of an issue.

It’s time that organizers of tea parties and other conservative events take a lesson from the activist programs of liberal-socialist groups like ACORN. As mentioned in my column last week, ACORN, with 350,000 members in 100 cities, is the leading political activist group in American. It may soon become the nucleus of a nationwide corps of enforcers whose mission is socialist control of America’s urban neighborhoods.

Due to its many years of persistent intimidation of lending institutions, forcing them to make bad loans to unqualified home buyers, ACORN may be the biggest factor that influenced the collapse of the U.S. mortgage industry.

ACORN should not be emulated for its unscrupulous practices, but should be studied to learn how activism can be effectively, but judiciously, used to gain public support, and shape government policy.

During its 39-year history, ACORN has fine tuned the use of intimidation, raising it nearly to the level of a weapon of mass destruction that can ultimately leave our democracy in ruins, a desolate place upon which a socialist empire will arise.

We’ve been warned that “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” (It might be surprising that this quote didn’t come from Thomas Jefferson, but from President Gerald Ford.)

There is an urgent need for conservatives to become far more cohesive and aggressive, to close ranks and stand firmly and vehemently against the greatest attempt ever made by our federal government to tax and spend the nation into financial oblivion for the sake of a failed political ideology that cannot produce even one example of successful governance ever on the face of the Earth.

For as long as I can remember, Americans have been told to take an active part in government by writing, telephoning and e-mailing their representatives and senators. And for as long as I can remember this arms-length activism has nearly always failed to change anything. In return, Congress sends us a series of “canned” responses formulated in advance to soothe our most common concerns and complaints.

Have you really heard from your Congressional representative? Hell no, you’ve been “handled” by some entry-level clerk, the first of a series of buffers between you and the person you’ve sent to Congress to protect your interests.

The activism needed to save America, to preserve its traditional values, and to ensure that government acts in the best interests of all the people is in-person, eye-to-eye, cheek- by-jowl confrontation that is incessant and accepts no excuses for malfeasance and betrayal.

We must, each one of us, stand courageously as sentinels of our freedom, our rights and our property. There is no one, no surrogate, who will do this for us. We must join together ready and committed to do everything within the law to reclaim our rights as the wellspring of all political power. If we don’t stand fast against the confiscatory demands placed on us by an emerging socialist government we will surely be impoverished, our institutions broken, our industries plundered, and our land laid open to our enemies.

This is the time when a dictator can easily take control. Right now, I can’t think of anyone who would take “change” one big step further and assume the role of America’s first emperor? Can you?

Joe Angione is a columnist for The Villages Daily Sun, and can be reached at

Reprinted by The Association of Mature American Citizens with the author’s permission, and with permission of The Daily Sun.

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